Website Update: Playlist Gone TFN

Hi, Psychedelic FM Listeners! As I mentioned in my previous update, Psychedelic FM is now located at I installed an SSL Certificate on the server, so this domain is now secured with 256-bit encryption. When I made the change, our playlist stopped working, so I had to take it down temporarily. I am very sorry for this inconvenience. I am looking into a solution to this problem, as soon as I find one, I will put the playlist back up. Again, I am sorry, guys. I will try to figure something out soon. Peace!

2 Comments on Website Update: Playlist Gone TFN

  1. We miss you!
    Streaming from iMac, can’t connect now. Hope you’re up and running soon. Keep up the psychedelic tunes!

    1. You can’t connect at all to any of the links on the Listen page? I have a player on the sidebar. Did you try it? That should work. I moved the website, not the radio station. The radio station is up and running.

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