Website Update: April 10, 2018

Hello, Psychedelic FM Listeners! You are probably wondering WTF is going on now, right? Well, last week, I moved our website to and it caused a bunch of things on the website to stop working (the playlist and player), so I moved it back to I still have the SSL certificate installed on this domain, but I am only using it for User and Admin logins. I will not be using SSL on the front-end of the website anymore, so everything is back to normal. I’m very sorry for the confusion and for the people who tried to listen but couldn’t for awhile. Everything is good now! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Website Update: April 10, 2018

  1. That’s weird, because I can see it just fine. I just asked my friend to check the website, and he can see it, too. Hmm… I’m not really sure why you can’t see the playlist, Rijk. I’m sorry. Are you sure that you’re on http and not https? The playlist doesn’t work on https. Please make sure that you’re on and not https://… I hope that helps you out, buddy! 🙂

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