Station Update: Blocking Stream Ripping Apps

If you have been using an app to rip my radio stream, you will soon not be able to use that app anymore, because I am blocking every app that has the ability to rip streams. In addition to that, certain IP#s will cease to work soon, because they too will be blocked. If I have to block an entire country from my station, I will. I know these measures won’t work for all of the stream rippers, but it will work for a lot of them. I am currently working with a script writer on figuring out how to block the rest. I’m sorry if this affects you, but the stream rippers are to blame for this. If I don’t get this problem under control soon, this station will cease to exist. I will be watching the stream very closely, and anything that looks suspicious will also be blocked. Again, I’m sorry if you are not a stream ripper, but are affected by these changes. I hope you understand.

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