Playlist Update: September 13, 2018

Hey, Psychedelic FM Listeners! This update includes some songs that were requested by one of our listeners. Sorry for the long wait, Zack! I was out sick for a while. Here you go, buddy! 🙂

  1. Alice Cooper – Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio *requested*
  2. Dana Gillespie – Pay You Back With Interest
  3. Don Gardner – My Baby Likes To Boogaloo
  4. Donovan – Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
  5. Floribunda Rose – One Way Street
  6. Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms
  7. Neil Young – On The Beach *requested*
  8. Pussyfoot – Dee Dee Do Your Dance
  9. Spacemen 3 – Feel So Good *requested*
  10. The Bit`A Sweet – Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
  11. The Dagenites – I’m Gone Slide
  12. The Golliwogs – Brown-Eyed Girl *requested*
  13. The Gentlemen Wild – You Gotta Leave
  14. The Grateful Dead – Uncle John’s Band
  15. The Hangmen – Faces
  16. The Higher Elevation – The Diamond Mine
  17. The Jagged Edge – How Many Times
  18. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
  19. The King’s Ransom – Shame
  20. The Kinks – Louie Louie
  21. The Knack – Dolly Catcher Man
  22. The Kytes – Blessed
  23. The Lost – Back Door Blues
  24. The Marmalade – Butterfly
  25. The Monkees – Last Train To Clarksville
  26. The Nervous Breakdowns – I Dig Your Mind
  27. The Onyx – It’s All A Put On
  28. The Other Side – Walking Down The Road
  29. The Painted Ship – Frustration
  30. The Romancers – Love`s The Thing
  31. The Searchers – Take Me For What I’m Worth
  32. The Shells – Whiplash
  33. The Sorrows – Don’t Sing No Sad Songs For Me
  34. The Sorrows – Take A Heart
  35. The Starfires – I Never Loved Her
  36. The State Of Mind – Move
  37. The Todds – I Want Her Back
  38. The Young Blood – Masquerade
  39. Tony Jordan – Long Black Hair Of Bonny

5 Comments on Playlist Update: September 13, 2018

  1. who ever you are you are are a genius setting up this unbeliable staion, discovered it a few weeks ago and you made me smile, thanks, would like fto ask or an advice, how can i read the songs while listening on my mobile, thanks for your amazing creativity, Hans-Jürgen from Germany

  2. Hello, Hans,

    Right now, I’m sorry, but the only way for you to read the titles of the songs is via the Playlist here on our website. I have to setup the TuneIn app to show song information. I need to get an API number from them. I’ve been too lazy to do it until now, however, I will be doing this soon, I promise. Sorry for the inconvenience right now, my friend. Please keep listening, and thank you for leaving a positive comment! I really appreciate it. Peace.

  3. Out of all the internet radio stations that try to play this music your selection is one of the best only thing I would like to see more of if you could get some of the FM underground Jingles from the 60s and 70s if possible but the music you play is unbelievable I listen to you all the time this is James from Reno Nevada

  4. I am the Creator and head administrator for the group on Facebook called the Psychedelic Museum I advertise your station as the home radio station of our group we are 5000 strong I have many positive comments on the music that you play

  5. Thank you, James! I’m very glad that you and the members of the Psychedelic Museum are enjoying the station so much! I don’t use Facebook, but I do take requests, and I always respond to feedback from my listeners. Please give me the direct URL to your group and I’ll link back to you. Thank you for commenting. I really appreciate it. Peace!

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