Station Description

Psychedelic FM is a commercial-free internet radio station that plays a trippy, mind-altering mix of music. We will play music from any decade – 1960s to 2010s – as long as it has an authentic 60s sound or vibe. Turn on, tune in, and rock out to the grooviest sound in town!

Listener Comments

“The best psychedelic radio I ever heard, even than (the mythical) Technicolor Web of Sound (now defunct), unfortunately that my region is being blocked often, these last days and I have to use VPN to listen to the hallucinogenic wave sound.”Patricio Almeida

“Good music to drop acid to.”Seamus

“Hey, thanks for the awesome tunes. This is such a great playlist you have going on here and I listen to it on a daily basis, I’m discovering songs I have never heard before. I also LOVE the fact that there are no ads, keep up the good work!”Zack

“Love your station!”David Seamans

“Hi, Just started listening to your station on my new Amazon Echo. It’s sounding great! I get Alexa to put it on for me every day. Keep playing songs I can’t hear anywhere else. Peace and Love.”Gary Burbidge

Music Submissions

I’m sorry, but we are not accepting submissions at this time. If we change our minds, we will let you know. Please do not send any music to us or add us to any mailing lists.