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The Stream Is Back Up

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Thanks to a birthday gift I received today, I was able to pay for more bandwidth, so the stream is back up… for now. I am currently working with some programmers to find a solution for the problem of stream rippers (who are so damn greedy and inconsiderate, they run the station off the air). If the bandwidth runs up like that again, I will have to take the station down again. I don’t want to, but I am not made of money. I do this because I love the music, and I enjoy sharing it with others. It would really be nice if people cared more about how the things they do affect others. It would make the world a much better place for all of us. Peace.

Psychedelic FM Is Also Listed @

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Psychedelic FM is also listed @ now. Unfortunately, we do not have our own station page there, but if you search for Psychedelic FM, you will see that our radio station is definitely listed in their directory! You can now listen to Psychedelic FM on and everywhere else you can get SHOUTcast stations. Thank you, SHOUTcast! 🙂