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Station Update: Blocking Stream Ripping Apps

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If you have been using an app to rip my radio stream, you will soon not be able to use that app anymore, because I am blocking every app that has the ability to rip streams. In addition to that, certain IP#s will cease to work soon, because they too will be blocked. If I have to block an entire country from my station, I will. I know these measures won’t work for all of the stream rippers, but it will work for a lot of them. I am currently working with a script writer on figuring out how to block the rest. I’m sorry if this affects you, but the stream rippers are to blame for this. If I don’t get this problem under control soon, this station will cease to exist. I will be watching the stream very closely, and anything that looks suspicious will also be blocked. Again, I’m sorry if you are not a stream ripper, but are affected by these changes. I hope you understand.

Station Update: Technical Issues Solved!

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Hey, Psychedelic FM Listeners! First, I want to apologize for any downtimes we’ve had on the server lately. We recently updated the server to the newest version, which came with some new features. One of these features was causing the server to cut itself off and stop streaming music several times over the past week. I didn’t know what the problem was until this morning. I’m happy to say that we will not have that problem anymore, because that feature has been disabled. Again, I’m really sorry if you tried to listen to Psychedelic FM, but couldn’t due to technical issues. Thank you for your patience!

Station Update: Directory Submissions

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In the interest of gaining more listeners for Psychedelic FM, I submitted the station to a few more internet radio directories today. I hope the station gets accepted!

  1. Live Online Radio Accepted!
  2. Liveradio IE Accepted!
  3. Radio Forest ← pending review
  4. Radio Shaker Accepted!
  5. Radioguide FM Accepted!
  6. RCast NET Accepted!
  7. Streamdir Accepted!
  8. Music Goal Accepted!